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  • Welcome to your personal TV experience.

    Maybe your favorite show is on. Or a classic movie is at that scene you love. No need to grab the remote, crank the volume or ask everyone to hush. Clarity’s TV Listener™ lets you hear every word perfectly at the volume you need.

    • Amplify TV, Music & Phone Calls

  • Clarity TV Listener
  • A TV experience so incredible, it’s (almost) unheard of.

    Get the rich and crisp personal listening experience you deserve. The lightweight wireless headphones pair with your TV and other Bluetooth devices.

  • Enjoy with your TV or smartphone

    One-touch to hear surroundings without removing headphones

  • Pillow-soft cushions and self-adjusting headband fit naturally

    Voice alerts for incoming phone calls, battery life and connection status

  • 18-hours of battery life.

  • Watch television
    together again.

    Sit back and relax. You can watch the game or listen to music—at the volume you need—without making it too loud for anyone in the room. She can watch TV with you, finish a book, or just enjoy peace and quiet.

  • Clarity TV Listener Headset

Get the personal listening experience you deserve. And your loved ones will be thankful for.


Clarity TL100 TV Listener

Hear the TV without disturbing others.